Wedding Makeup and Hair Trends 2019

As a professional makeup artist and hair styling company, Makeup Artist Pro Group always advocates for helping you realize a wedding day look that is perfect for just you.  We love to stay on top of what is new and what we can help you incorporate into your special day any trends that you love or that support and enhance your beauty.

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Here is a quick list that we just published on our website:

The Low Bun

Meghan Markle’s perfectly undone low bun will dominate fab-u-tress hair trends in 2019,” says Nancy Ramirez Ayala of Blo Las Vegas.

 Navy Accents

“Whether it’s a subtle shade of navy or a moody midnight blue, navy accents around the eyes are a new trend in bridal beauty. Whether it’s a thin navy blue eyeliner or even a navy blue kohl eyeliner that’s smudged close to the lash line, navy is so versatile and suits any skin tone,” says makeup artist Vincent Oquendo.


Hair accessories will be hot in 2019, including headbands in metallics, white satin & silk, and even black velvet for contrast, says Ramirez Ayala. “The headband has really replaced the veil.”

Big Waves

Most of the brides are asking for more of a Hollywood glamour feel, with big waves and curls, says Katelyn McCullough of Elwynn + Cass. “They want to move away from the easy and breezy beachy look and have something a bit more glam for the wedding day.”

Loose Braids

When it comes to hair trends, nothing is hotter than braids, says Emily Honeycutt, salon manager at Supercuts. “The style is to have the braid very loose and pulled apart. I typically do a Dutch braid, which is like a French braid, but each strand is pulled through from underneath so the braid rests on top. This makes it easier to pull each piece apart.”

Red Lips

 This fall marks the return of the classic red lip, says Ami Mallon, Global Corporate Educator for Osmosis Colour Mineral Cosmetics. “Whether you try a cool currant or go bold, red always makes a statement and can offer a hint of danger and a romantic touch to any look!”
 Low Ponytail

A minimal look in bridal trends is a low ponytail, say the pros at Bentley Hair & Beauty.


Brides will get their pretty-on in 2019 with ethereal silvers, says Ramirez Ayala. “We’ll see a really natural glow to skin with a hint of highlighter to enhance.”

Loose Waves

Updos are a thing of the past, says Lacy Gadegaard of Laced Hair Extensions. Instead, brides will be opting for loose waves. “We’re talking really undone waves in both long or short hair,” explains Gadegaard.

Soft Pinks

Brides will also be donning soft delicate pinks. “Above all, brides want to like themselves on their big day and a natural look goes a long way,” says Ramirez Ayala.

Monochromatic Makeup

The experts at found recommend applying perfectly coordinated shades for eyes, lips and cheeks for a bold, fresh look.


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