Three Times a Bride Made the Perfect Decision


As a wedding officiant for 15 years, I have seen a lot of weddings that are beautiful, and I’ve seen a few that are questionable.

Picture a gorgeous restaurant in the DC metro area with a beautiful waterfall and a Koi pond where typically weddings are held outside overlooking the waterfall on a large cement patio. Weddings are gorgeous at this location. However, when the wind blows the cemented area becomes a wind tunnel.

Recently, a November bride wanted her wedding on the patio, but the wind was blowing. The florist was trying to set up the flowers, but the wind was literally tearing the flowers apart. When she arrived, I asked her to walk outside and see what she thinks….2 minutes later the ceremony was moved inside. Whew! Right decision! The Koi pond outside the huge picture windows is a perfect spot for the ceremony. Everyone was warm and comfortable, the flowers were beautiful, and the ceremony was magical!

Another time, at a gorgeous venue in the woods, weddings are often held at a lovely, serene spot. Electrical power comes from a tiny house near the pond. The night prior was a huge thunderstorm, and the power was out, repairs were not imminent for 24 hours. Th

e power outage posed a problem for all of the vendors and the venue, I mean our world comes to a stop when there is no power, right? Luckily, I have a sound system with a battery backup that doesn’t require electricity. The venue powered up their generator, so they had power and another one for the ceremony site. Everything was going well, except for the bride; She was distraught! Her bridesmaids were upset, too and didn’t know what to do.

I decided it was time for an intervention. I approached the bride about 5 minutes before the ceremony, gave her a huge hug and some tissues, whispered to her, “Remember, at the end of the day, you will be married, all this other stuff, doesn’t matter. Today is your wedding day!” She gave me a huge hug, dried her eyes, got out of the golf cart and prepared herself to walk down the aisle. One of the difficult things for her was walking down is aisle alone, no one seemed to have her back…but of course, I did! She looked beautiful and the wedding ceremony went off without a hitch!

Many times, couples choose frivolous things over practical things, for example, you can save a little money on programs. The sad reality is, others don’t cherish the programs as much as you do. They end up on the ground, left in the seats following the ceremony and usually end up in the trash.

So, when she reached out to me about creating the outline for the program, I told her what I thought. Happily, she agreed and saved that expense. No one noticed there were no programs and the moms were thrilled following the ceremony when I gave them copies of the ceremony. Couple and parents were happy, the service was perfect, and the couple has a little more money in their pocket.

The key lesson here is to listen to the professionals you hire, we keep your special day on-track, keep you comfortable, and save you money!  Happy weddings!

This Blog is written by Sandra Lynch, Owner of Ceremony Alchemy;
Magically Inspired Wedding Ceremonies.

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