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Essential Tips When Choosing a Wedding Transportation Provider

Do not, we repeat, do not leave your wedding transportation up to someone that you have not thoroughly investigated to be credible. Choosing your wedding transportation provider by checking their credentials is extremely important for obvious reasons, with the number one reason being safety! Would you get into a car with a total stranger? No, so don’t do this on your wedding day. Look for reviews, ask friends and acquaintances and if attending weddings, look to see who they use. Can they handle a party your size? Do they have the experience to shuttle guests safely back and forth to the venue in a timely manner that does not hold up the party? Is the actual mode of transportation clean and comfortable? Ask your provider if the chauffeurs are drug tested, hold the proper licensing and meet DOT requirements, if necessary.

What are your transportation needs?

Obviously, you’re using the limo for transport. But it may be more than that. Are you provided bus service to the church and/or venue for out of town guest? Do you want the wedding party to be taken to the church and/or venue without having to worry about leaving cars all over town? Do you have relatives that may need separate, private car service?

Count the Passengers

It seems obvious, but you need to know how many passengers are going to ride in the limo. Is the limo just for the newlywed couple to take them to their honeymoon destination? Do you want to ride in a limo to the festivities? Would you like to hire a limo for the bachelor and bachelorette parties?

Even if you want to transport a large group in style, you can still rent a limousine. Some limos can transport quite a large number of people. You could also hire several cars to transport different groups. You could even rent a party bus to take everyone where they need to go.

Stick to Your Budget

Riding in style is not going to be as cheap as driving to the wedding in your own car. But that doesn’t mean you have to exceed your wedding budget or go without the limo. Maybe you can’t afford to transport the entire wedding party in a limo. Maybe you can. It’s a good idea to crunch the numbers to find out what’s possible and what isn’t. As great as it is to ride in style, you should make sure you can afford it. If you have a budget, tell the company representative you are working with, they do not want to tell you “no” and will try to work with you.

Service Is Everything

When it comes to hiring a limousine service for weddings, you really want to go for the best. After all, this is your wedding day. You need a limousines service you can rely on to show up on time with the right car. Getting the details right is the one thing that will make your wedding day perfect, which is what you deserve.  Limousines companies specialize in customer service and they want to be part of making your wedding day memorable!



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