Ceremony Trends for 2019

Lots of couples get married each year and each year, new and interesting elements of the ceremony become popular.

One way to make your ceremony more interesting and meaningful to you and your new spouse is to do things that include family members or friends.

  • If you have children, a twist on the normal candle lighting ceremony is to have each child light a taper from your unity or family candle.
  • You can also include grandparents – ask your grandmothers to be flower girls, or your grandfathers to walk you down the aisle, or to hold the rings.

Recently I officiated a ceremony where the moms were the ring bearers. They held the rings until I asked them to join the couple and me. I blessed the rings, the moms kissed their child, and then the bride’s mom gave the ring she was holding to the groom and the groom’s mom gave ring she was holding to the bride. The ring exchange was performed; it was beautiful and lovely. So you can hear the words spoken, here is a video of a recent ring exchange:

Unique Ring Blessing

This unique ring blessing includes the mothers of the groom and bride. It is a very special way to include your moms!

Posted by Ceremony Alchemy on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Often, the engagement ring is included in the ring exchange.  This ritual solves the problem of what to do with the engagement ring and can add so much to the couple’s ceremony story.  When I ask for the rings, the engagement ring is slipped onto my pinky and remains there until it is time to hand it to the groom to place on the bride’s finger.

One couple’s ring story was amazing!  It included all of the rings from their great grandparents and their grandparents on both sides of the family.  The rings were melted down and new, beautiful rings were created that held the blessings from the entire family.  So beautiful!

So, anything you can do to share your love story is wonderful and with the right officiant, it can be amazing!

Provided by Rev. Sandy Lynch, owner of Ceremony Alchemy

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